Facial Treatments

Germaine de Capuccini's philosophy revolves around research, development and innovation and has been a leading brand for 50years. Germaine de Capuccini programmes develop specialist treatments to suit each individual client. The unique combination of ampoules and active concentrates ensure the treatments penetrate the skin precisely where they will have maximum effect and deliver visual results.

Germaine de Cappuccini Mini Facial
An introduction to Germaine de Capuccini, theses products will revive hydrate and refresh the skin. (45mins)


Germaine de Cappuccini Classic Prescriptive Facial
Prescriptive facial which can oxygenate, nourish, reduce redness & restore the skin to its natural balance. (1 hr)


Germaine de Cappuccini Advanced Prescriptive Facial
Anti-aging treatment for all skin types. To increase firmness & elasticity. A relaxing scalp massage is included in this luxury treatment. (1 1/4 hrs)


Germaine de Cappuccini for Men
The most advanced re-energising and detoxifying treatment, restores, eliminates toxins, fights against dryness, soothes, refreshes & smooths. (1 1/4 hrs)



Beauty for the Eyes

Eyebrow Shape


Eyelash Tint


Eyebrow Tint


Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint


Eyelash Perming (1 hr + includes a free Eyelash tint after application)


A H Francis Eyelash Extensions - look and feel natural, are individually applied to each natural eyelash, to create a thicker longer appearance.
Full Set£50.00
3 weekly infills£35.00
2 weekly infills£25.00
A patch test may be required 24hrs before treatment.
Eyelash Removal£10


Cleanse & Make-up


Ideal for any occasion, day or evening. Full skin care preparation & professional application.
Make-up Tuition


Professional help & advice on the choice and application of make-up.

WAXING   Using gentle honey wax for velvety soft skin.

Full leg wax


3/4 leg wax


1/2 leg wax


Bikini wax






Under-arm wax


Upper lip & Chin wax£11.00
Upper lip or Chin wax£7.00
Eyebrow wax


Forearm wax


Back / Chest wax


BODY TREATMENTS  Unwind with a therapeutic massage.

Full body massage (1 hr)£36.00
Back massage (1/2 hr)


G5 Mechanical Deep Vibration Massage


(Good for breaking down cellulite or intense massage for areas with tension.)
Hot Stone Body Therapy£44.00
Hot Stone Back Therapy£30.00



Sterile form of ear piercing including earrings and ear care solution for home care.

Nail Bar   Nail Extensions, Nail Art.

Nail extensions using natural & hard wearing IBD Extreme Gel Nails

Nail Paint£12
Full Set£35.00
Maintenance & in-fills from£25.00
Natural Nail Overlay£21.00

Gelish High Gloss Gel with Mirror Finish.

No drying time, no chipping.




Application & Removal


Fingers & Toes   Pamper your hands and feet.
Nail Shape, Cuticle Push, Hand / Foot Soak, Hand / Foot Scrub, Massage & Varnish.
Classic Manicure


Classic Pedicure


with French Polish£26.00
with Gelish


Nail Shape, Cuticle Push, Hand / Foot Soak, Hand / Foot Scrub, Massage, Paraffin wax application with heated mitts / booties. (Ideal for dry heels & aching joints.)
Luxury Manicure


Luxury Pedicure


with French Polish


with Gelish


Sunbed Sessions & Tanning

6 Minutes


9 Minutes


12 Minutes


15 Minutes


Course Prices

90 Minute Course


120 Minute Course


Richest tan possible without the risk of skin damage and premature aging.
One Application£29.00
Legs Only